Sunday, February 6, 2011

I guess it's not too late to wish a great and prosperous lunar year of the rabbit.
I printed out this image and used tape transfer method for the card as well.
Here's another one with tape transferred method and addition of quilling as well. I chose white card stock sized 4.2"w x 6"h

A simple card with warm wishes.

Happy weekend!!! I used tape transfer method for this card. It's simple yet fun to make. All you need a piece of newspaper or any materials which have wordings on it (for this i downloaded a poem from the web then printed out). Tape on it with transparent tape and press the surface to ensure the surface are covered. Under running tap water gently rub the paper away. The words will remain on the tape. Once dry paste it on card stock. Size of this card: 3"w x 8.3"h 


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