Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bookmark & Cover from Handmade Paper

Made few bookmarks & cover for the post-it-pad from handmade paper. Simply for the fun of it. Here are pictures of the finished product which might give you some ideas on how to utilise your paper. Have a nice weekend & happy crafting. Ciao!

Post-it-pad cover. Front view. A combination of handmade paper & marbling paper.
Embellished with rosette & shell on top of it.
Back view. Ignore the smeared paint.
I was too ambitious, added too much paint while making it.

Another version of post-it-pad cover.
Instead of rosette, I used colourful string and ribbon.

Back view. Marbling art.

Bookmark front & back view.

I want something different. This is how it turns out.
Front & back view.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn to make Goi Cuon or Vietnamese spring salad roll from a Vietnamese friend. A little bit about Vietnam; Yes..... a country located on IndoChina Peninsular in Southeast Asia is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest and Cambodia to the southwest. Its traditional cuisine features a combination of spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet, and its traditional cooking is known for its fresh ingredients consists lots of vegetables and herbs. Common ingredients on Vietnamese recipes and to most Southeast Asia countries use lemongrass, ginger, mint, bird's eye chilli (cili padi), lime and herbs.

Goi Cuon (Southern dialect) or Nem Cuan (Northern dialect) is also known as salad roll or summer roll. A traditional dish consists either meat or prawn or fish wrapped in banh trang (rice paper) with other fresh ingredients such as vegetables, basil leaves, mint leaves and sometimes with rice vermicelli. They are served fresh in a room temperature with accompaniment of dipping sauce but some prefer with peanut sauce. I will show you my version of dipping sauce which I learned from my friend. The fresh spring rolls is also great choice as an appetizer.

Here are the steps of making Vietnamese Spring Rolls:
For its filing, I used:


Clockwise Top: Basil leaves, Chives (Kicai), Lettuce, Japanese Cucumber, Carrot, Mint Leaves
I used this brand. Bought this from Giant Supermarket. It comes in 2 sizes; I chose medium.
Vietnamese Rice Paper is made of rice flour, water & salt.
If you are beginner need not worry. It comes with instruction behind the package.
Complimented with nutrition fact too *-*....wink! wink!
This is how it looks!
Prepare a bowl of hot water. Dip the spring roll's skin into hot water. Please note, do not overdo! Else it'll get soggy. I dipped more or less 30 seconds or until it is soft.
Once soft remove it from the bowl then place it flat on the plate.
Now it's time to place the filling. Arrange as desired. Added in lettuce, cucumber, carrot, basil & mint.
Just vegetables.

If you don't fancy 'just vege'; You can add either meat or seafood.
Here I added fried chicken (Pssst...grabbed the chicken from KFC ; asked for chicken breast)
Removed the skin then sliced the meat. Easy as it is *-*

Fold the skin from the bottom.
Flipped the side then roll it! There you go babe!!!
I want something 'sexy' so left the top naked!
Took the chive, tied around the spring roll.

For its dipping sauce:
A cup of water (alternatively you can use fresh coconut juice), 5 spoonfuls of  fish sauce,
4 spoonfuls of vinegar & 5 packets of sugar.

Simmer; Bring it to the boil. Once done leave the sauce to cool.
You can keep the balance in the fridge and consume the following day.

While waiting for the sauce to cool; chop garlic, bird's eye chilli, red chilli (de-seed)
& prepare some lime juice
Once cool take a few spoon of the sauce and mix with the chopped garlic, chilli & lime juice.
Stir well & it's ready to serve.

Enjoying Sunday evening with crispy & fresh summer rolls.
One vegetarian & one with KFC skinless chicken (^-*)
Loving the crisps sound while munching....crisp, crisp, crisp, yummy!!!
Try it!

I learn something new everyday / Fun reading:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Top 10 Features from Pin It Monday Hop#3

What a great weekend! My post DIY Bi-Coloured Roses was featured Top 10 in Pin It Monday Hop#3 hosted by Judy of Pursuit of Functional Home
I highly recommend you to visit and join Judy's website. She shares plenty of interesting ideas, tips, DIYs and lots more. You'll have fun browsing her entries.

Happy Saturday & a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let's Eat (Jom Makan)

These are some pictures of food taken everywhere; Forgotten where I've taken them. But I remember what I'd eaten. Trying every bits and pieces of it. Food....Yes! I enjoy food. Too many to share; I've selected few for today's post.

Simple fried noodle served with crackers and fried egg.
Bakso (meatball commonly made of beef)
served in a beef broth with rice vermicelli.
Satay Lilit
(mixture of minced chicken or fish with spices
mould around a lemon grass and grill over charcoal until golden brown)
I am a mushroom fanatic!
Stir fried mushroom with olive oil.
Vegetarian pizza served on a chopping board.
Loads of sliced pineapple, capsicum, papaya, squash, olives, topped with melted cheese.

Fried glass noodle with fresh seafood.
Would you like to have some dessert ma'am? Sir?

Chocolate Mochi
Am fond of cupcakes!!!
Lemon grass jelly.
Not bad though!
Coconut pudding.
Garnished with a tiny slice of strawberry.
Hmmmph...not generous at all. Luckily tasted good!
Enjoying tropical fruits.
Fruit is good for your health!
Consists of banana, honey dew, watermelon and papaya.
What else to expect when cornflakes, rice crackers and raisins
poured into a mixture of melted butter with honey.
A friend of mind baked this! Super Yummy!!!
Sometimes it is nice to enjoy this fresh sweet cherry tomatoes alone!
Great alternative to junk food!!! Trust me *-*...

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Handmade Bookmark (Buat Penanda Buku Sendiri)

I had made some bookmarks from the balance of the polystyrene straps for my handmade coaster. Typical of myself to utilise & experimenting new things. The steps of making is pretty easy. You can try making one for yourself too. In less than an hour I managed to complete four bookmarks out of straps. Here are some picture on how to make your own bookmark. Great activity for your kids too!

Saya telah menyiapkan beberapa penanda buku buatan sendiri. Ianya diperbuat dari lebihan pita pengikat untuk membuat alas minuman. Seperti biasa saya suka membuat dan mencuba sesuatu yang menarik perhatian. Membuat penanda buku sendiri sebenarnya amat mudah. Anda boleh mencubanya sendiri. Dalam masa kurang sejam saya dapat menyiapkan empat penanda buku. Di sini saya ingin berkongsi cara-cara membuat penanda buku. Ini juga merupakan aktiviti menarik untuk anak anda.


Take 2 pieces of polystyrene strap.
(Ambil 2 keping pengikat polisterin.)

Apply hot glue on the polystyrene strap surface.
(Letakkan gam panas di atas permukaan pita polisterin.)
Take the other strap; Stick it on the glued surface.
(Ambil pita yang satu lagi; Lekatkan di atas pita yang bergam.)

I burnt the other end of the strap. This is to prevent cuts  from the sharp edge.
(Hujung penanda buku dibakar. Ini mengelakkan daripada kecederaan terkena bucu tajam.)

The final look. Embellish as desired.
(Inilah hasilnya. Boleh dihias mengikut citarasa anda.)

Try it! Happy reading!
(Cubalah! Selamat membaca!)

Link to: Handmade Coaster (Buat Alas Minuman Sendiri)

Yama & J - Fusion Sushi Buffet, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

I had an enjoyable dinner with my brother on Saturday at Yama & J - Fusion Sushi Buffet located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. We are suppose to meet up next week after my exam but then we changed our mind. Unplanned & last minute wondering where to eat; We decided to try the newly open Japanese restaurant. We opted for buffet dinner at reasonable price of RM68.00++ (this is promotional rate). The promotion will last until Monday and after the period it will be at RM78.00++. Lunch buffet is available at RM48.00++; You can also order from their A La Carte menu. Enjoyed my meal so much & only managed to capture few pictures to share with my fellow blog readers. Have a good Sunday!

If you are fond of Sushi & Shasimi you might be interested to check this link

Menu & Operating Hours
Sushi coated with avocado sliced, garnished with carviar.
My choice of shashimi.
Sake (salmon), Maguro (tuna) & Hamachi (Yellowtail)

If you are a hardcore raw oyster this is something not to be missed.
Absolutely fresh!

Japanese Lasagna. Served hot, upon request.
Snow crab meat mix with avocado inside;
Topped with a baked layer of cream sheese & chef signature sauce.
A closer look at Japanese Lasagna.
If you are a small eater, I recommend you to share.

Baked Salmon. Served hot. Upon request.
Inside with snow crab, cream cheese & asparagus on top
with baked salmon with chef signature sauce.

Mango dessert served in a cocktail glass.
They used wasabi to stick the glass on a square dessert  saucer. 


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