Monday, June 17, 2013

Seaweed Jelly

Recently I made jelly out of dried seaweed. The processed was easy and fast. I used 100 grams of the dried seaweed. In fact you can create any recipe using the dried seaweed such as salad, cocktail, soup and many more. It's fun to experiment and create recipes using this nutritional ingredients.

This is how I make my Seaweed Jelly.
100 grams green dried seaweed.
If you can see on this picture the white elements actually is salt.
The longer you keep more fine salt will appear.

Wash the seaweed to remove residues.
Soak the seaweed for about 2 to 4 hours.
I don't recommend to soak overnight as it'll loss its nutrients.
Blend it.
You can also boil the seaweed directly but it'll take longer to dissolve.
And thinking of the nutrients which unable to sustain heat.

Boil water; Once water is boiled pour the seaweed in.
Stir well, let it boil for 10 - 15 minutes.
You can add any flavour as desired. You can also mix with fruits.
In my case I leave it bland; just added some cloves (Health benefits of clove) to get rid of the fishy smell.

Pour in a container; let it cool.
Refrigerate it. Nice to eat when its cold.
You can consume directly or mix with honey or anything you like.
I also set aside some portion for facial mask.
You might be interested to try & have your own made mask.

Have a pleasant day!
Dried seaweed for sale:
Dried Green Seaweed (100 grams) - RM8.00
Dried Red/Purple Seaweed (100 grams) - RM8.00

For enquiry, please email to

Seaweed (Eucheuma Cottonii) and Its Benefits

Seaweed one of the important marine living resources could be termed as the futuristically promising plants. These plants have been a source of food, feed and medicine in the orient as well as in the west since ancient times. Scientifically known as Eucheuma Cottonii is an edible species of Pacific red seaweed obtained from Malaysian North Borneo water; are typically found below the low tide mark to the upper subtidal zone of a reef, growing on sand to rocky seafloor areas along a coral reef, whether water movement is slow to moderate. Eucheuma or in a layman term seaweed is also called Sea Bird's Nest.

Seaweeds are classified into three divisions, Rhodophyta (red algae), Chlorophyta (green algae) and Phaeophyta (brown algae). Seaweed is a a good source of nutrients; aside from being a good source of minerals it is also a good source of amino acids. These plants have all minerals which are available in the food humans eat. They are rich in minerals like iron, B-vitamin folate, magnesium, calcium and many others. The seaweeds are used by some people in the preparation of soup, side dishes and even salads.

Consuming seaweed helps in weight management. The seaweed is a good food to take when you want to take control of your weight. This is because the seaweed has only up to 20 calories per serving and has no fat. Therefore there will be no fat deposition. It is also high in fiber. This is a good factor as it will prevent eating junk and snacking.

Seaweed can be a good substitute for salt, which could be used in processed foods and also snacks instead of salt. Its advantages because it helps reduce the chances of someone developing high blood pressure.

Seaweed is believed to balance blood sugar. It has fiber which is soluble and hence can slow down the rate of digestion and absorption. This will help balance the blood sugar.The soluble fiber found in seaweed is good for digestion. Fiber prevents constipation and facilitates in effective bowels movements.

Dried Seaweed

Fruit Cocktail with Eucheuma Cottonii (Seaweed)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

'Get Well Soon' Handmade Card

It's been sometime since my last post. I went back to hometown for holiday but that was 2 weeks ago. I had a great time back home; meeting loved ones and attended few functions. It was a relaxing holiday and food hunting was on top of my list especially for Sabah's local food. Even though holiday is over, I have not been posting any on my page. Now, it's time to get back on my feet.

This is a 'Get Well Soon' card ordered by my cousin. It's for her friend who was recovering from a car accident. Understand that her condition is quite serious; Prayers to her & hope she'll recover soon.
For this card I used the paper I made earlier (Coloured Homemade Paper). Created a tag which can be functioned as a bookmark. For the tag, I embellished with ribbon, buttons and flower on it.
The card I kept it simple by creating a pocket from Japanese paper. It is simple and easy to make; You can try it yourself too. Happy crafting.

Stitched the buttons on the paper. 
For neater finishing, added a layer of paper at the back.
A completed tag which can be used as a bookmark.
Embellished with skeleton ribbon, buttons and flower.
Created a pocket using Japanese paper to insert the tag.
Added rosette and used 3D creation glue for the wording.
Finally, its done.
Ready to meet the owner.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #5

Give a man health and a course to steer, and he'll never stop to trouble about whether he's happy or not. 
~George Bernard Shaw~

Sunday, May 26, 2013

For Sale: Fiskars 12inch/30cm Desktop Rotary Trimmer

A good news for paper crafter enthusiasts; I have paper trimmer in-stock for sale.
Limited stock!
Offer Price: RM135.00 (exclude postage)
RRP: RM250.00
Applicable throughout Malaysia only
If you wish to purchase & for further enquiry; Kindly email me

Fiskars 12"/30cm Desktop Rotary Trimmer. Slim design.
Created with a modern new look and clever design.
Ideal for trimming all your card-making materials.
Visible grid lines to make easy & accurate measurements.
Permanent scale & grid cutting mat is printed underneath to last.
Cutting rail pivots open for easy project placement.
Rail locks for easy transportation.
An instructions behind the packaging.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kad Ucapan Menggunakan Kertas Tisu (Handmade Card using Tissue Paper)

Lama tidak buat entri berkenaan hasil kreatif.
Yang sudah siap banyak; Yang tak dimuat turun lagilah banyak! 
Faktornya? Hmmmm....minda kontang lalu ketandusan ide menyusun abjad demi abjad untuk dilontar ke dada blog bagi mengongsi hasilnya; ATAUPUN
"M" yang terlalu bebal menakluk diri lalu termakan dengan bujukan Si "M" itu lantas duduklah dia bersenang-lenang umpana seorang 'billionaire perasan' sambil tertawa besar (sekadar metafora; sila abaikan ayat-ayat imaginasi tersebut)
ATAUPUN kedua-duanya (Minda "0" + "M" besar = ??????)
.....Sila jawap sendiri untuk diri sendiri
Jangan mencebik, jangan menafikan; semua memiliki perasaan @ karektor sedemikian. Bezanya menangani ikut cara & citarasa sendiri.

Berbalik dengan hasil kreatif sendiri; Kad-kad ini semuanya dibuat sekian lama; Sudah tiada dalam simpanan; Ada yang ke benua Amerika; Ada juga yang berhijrah ke benua Eropah; Nasib mereka tidak diketahui.
Saya gunakan teknik 'tie-dye' dan hampir keseluruhan hiasan menggunakan tisu yang diwarnakan menggunakan teknik tersebut. Semoga apa yang dikongsi sedikit sebanyak dapat memberi anda idea dalam apa jua bidang yang anda lakukan. 
(I used a tie-dye technique to embellish most of the these cards. I do hope by sharing this you will get at least some ideas for any project you are onto now.)

Kad tingkap berlangsir.

Kad dihias dengan tisu yang diwarna menggunakan teknik 'tie-dye'; Bentuk hati dari kadbod yang dibalut dengan tisu berwarna diletak ditengah & dipasang dengan juntaian manik. Tisu dipotong lalu diikat dengan utasan benang. Akhir sekali, lekatkan butang kecil pelbagai warna di bawahnya.
(Window frame with curtain card.
The card is embellished with coloured tissue paper using a tie-dye technique. I then fixed a heart shaped cardboard wrapped with colourful tissue then hang the beads in between. Slitted the tissue and tie both side with thread/string. Finally I added colourful tiny buttons underneath.) 

Kad hijau dicap dengan 'designed stamp'. Selebihnya menggunakan tali, butang dan tisu berwarna. Prosesnya mudah; Mula-mula lekatkan tisu berwarna di atas kad, selepas itu lekatkan tali dan butang di atasnya.

(I used designed stamp for the green based card. To embellish the card I used string, buttons and coloured tissue. This is easy to make. First I glued the colour tissue on the card, then fixed the string and button on top of it.) 

Kad ucapan terima kasih yang ringkas.
Masih menekankan  penggunaan tisu berwarna tetapi kali ini sedikit berbeza di mana saya gunakan pengecap setem pada tisu. Kadbod dibahagi kepada dua bentuk iaitu segi empat tepat dan hati. Kadbod berbentuk dibalut dengan kertas tisu berwarna. Lekatkan kad segi empat tepat di atas kad. Kad berbentuk hati ditebuk lubang di tengah dan kemudiannya masukkan tali/benang dan simpul dengan butang pelbagai saiz. Butang yang saya pilih sesuai dengan saiz tali yang saya guna. Akhir sekali, lekatkan ke atas kad dan lihatlah hasilnya.

(A simple Thank You card.
I still emphasised on the colourful tissue paper. On this card I used designed stamp on top of the tissue. Cut cardboard into rectangular and heart shaped then wrapped both shapes with colourful tissue. First, I glued the rectangle cardboard on the card stock. At the meantime, punch a hole in the middle of the heart shaped card board. Insert the thread through the hole and variety sizes of buttons. But then I've to ensure the button holes fit the thread I used. Finally, I glued the remaining onto the card stock and have a look at the result.)

Yang ini saya gunakan tisu muka biasa di mana beberapa lapisan tisu disusun di atas pengecap setem. Pastikan lapisan tisu mencukupi dari segi kemampatan dan ketebalan mengikut kesesuaian bahan perhiasan lain. Percikan air ke atas tisu. Pastikan permukaan lembap tetapi tidak lecek. Sebaik kesemua permukaan tisu lembap, tekan tisu mengunakan telapak tangan atau di atas sebarang permukaan rata bagi memampatkan lapisan tisu tersebut. Biarkan hingga kering. Ianya memakan hampir 24 jam untuk kering namun berpuas hati dengan hasilnya. Sebaik kering, kopek/alihkan tisu dengan hati-hati daripada pengecap setem tadi. Hasilnya seperti gambar di atas. Pada bahagian tengah, saya hias dengan butang manakala disekeliling tisu saya gunakan dawai kokot berwarna-warni. Akhir sekali gunakan pita pelekat dua-sisi dan lekatkan tisu di atas kad.

(This is a plain white facial tissue which I layered on top of the designed stamp. 
Ensure the layered tissue is sufficient to hold the staples and other remaining embellishments. Sprinkle water on the tissue. Wet enough but not soggy; Once the whole surface wet; press the tissue with your palm or any flat surface to compress it. Leave to dry. This took almost 24 hours to dry but then I was satisfied with its result. Once dry, carefully peel the tissue from the stamp. The result as seen on the above picture. I then embellish with button on the centre. I use colourful staples all over its edges. Finally use the double sided tape to stick the tissue on the card-stock.)

Selamat Mencuba! Try It!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #4

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. ~Winston Churchill~

Monday, May 20, 2013

Featured in Craftastic Monday by Sew Can Do

It's been quite a busy Monday after lazying around over the weekend; Enjoyed hanging out with friends, shopping, food & drinks and also attended a friend's engagement.
Checked my blog late. As I opened, I saw a message from Cheryl. To my excitement, my post DIY Bi-Colour Rose was selected to be featured in the Craftastic Monday Link Party.
Overwhelmed? Absolutely! Something special for Monday.....the mind is smiling; the heart leaped happily <*-*>
Thank you so much Cheryl; I'm honoured. Do check Sew Can Do  & you'll be amazed with her fantastic & awesome blog.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #3

Enjoyable, easy & relaxing! Try it!

Selamat Pagi! Mari Sarapan Pagi! Sarapan yang Cepat, Ringkas & Mudah

Sarapan pagi sangat penting kerana memberi tenaga & stamina kepada badan kita. Kadang kala teragak-agak juga berfikir nak makan apa. Ada orang yang tak kisah sangat; Yang penting dapat alas perut. Tapi ada kala teruja juga nak makan benda lain; Itu memang tidak dinafikan. Tiap hari makan makanan yang sama tentu bosan juga. Ada masa tak selera dengan makanan yang dibeli dari kedai. Ada masa perasaan 'Malas' nak buat sarapan pagi sendiri. Bagi yang ada keluarga terpaksalah menyediakan makanan; nanti lapar pula orang di rumah. Menyediakan makanan terutama pada waktu pagi agak susah bagi yang bekerja kerana terkejar-kejar dengan masa. 
Gambar-gambar sarapan pagi ini sangat ringkas dan mudah disediakan. Saya sebenarnya jarang bersarapan, paling penting & utama 'coffee', yang lain saya tak kisah sangat. Tapi sekali-sekala datang mood rajin buat jugalah.
Gambar di atas adalah mee segera (Mee Cintan Pedas) dan ditambah dengan Tuna Cili dalam tin.
Gambar di bawah pula lagi ringkas, biskut kosong yang rangup, kepingan keju & letak sedikit tuna di atasnya. Sungguh mudah bukan?
Selamat bersarapan!
Mulakan hari anda dengan senyuman penuh kesyukuran!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

KK's Sweetest Mum at PIHex 2013

This is Ceilla. We used to be in the same class; If I remembered correctly during Primary Five & Six. We went to St. Edmund Primary School in Kota Belud, Sabah. Last I saw her after our UPSR examination before she left for England. We lost contact, never thought of seeing each other again. Years went by, and thanks to the advance technology, we've got connected through online. God's will; after 20 years we met again during my cousin's wedding reception & the friendship remains.

She is blessed with three beautiful & intelligent children. An educated and highly qualified but she opted to be a full-time mother. The noblest job in the universe even money can't buy; The most challenging career ever 'Mother'.

She never aged, beautiful and sweet as always. Frankly speaking I'm blessed with beautiful and supportive good friends, hopefully I've the chance to write about each of them someday.

Shooting for fun and to her surprised the picture was selected to run for a contest. I would say, she deserve to be selected as the 'sweetest mum' in town. This beautiful portrait was taken by a renown wedding photographer who has won numerous international awards. 

Dear readers, I would appreciate and honour if you could spare few minutes of your time to click this link KK's Sweetest Mum at PIHex 2013 and click the 'Like' icon from the Facebook. Thanking all of you in advance for your support. Have a nice day!

NOTE: The writer is not taking any credits nor benefits. Just a support for a dear friend!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Come! Let's enjoy Bakso

I was asked whether I want it to be spicy? I nodded.
The result; It was burning hot....Fuuhhhh.......

I had Bakso for tonight's dinner. Packed from a nearby neighbourhood 'Warong' (food stall) run by a Javanese family. They've been residing in Malaysia over 20 years but the taste is still very Indonesian.
Bakso is a speciality originated from Indonesia. Usually it is served in a bowl of beef broth with noodles with shredded cabbage. The name Bakso originated from bak-so (bah-so), Hokkien pronunciation for 'shredded meat'. Nowadays, one can find Bakso everywhere not only in Indonesia but throughout ASEAN countries especially Malaysia.
Burpp, excuse me! I'm full now & have had enjoyed my Bakso *-*
Wherever you are; Wish you a wonderful day & pleasant evening. Ciao!

Wordless Wednesday #2

"Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment.
We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
~ Nelson Mandela ~





"Failures are divided into two classes - those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought."
~ John Charles Salak ~

Friday, May 3, 2013

BookXcess Bookstore

Note: This review is written based on the writer's experience and point of view.

Last Friday I was at the BookXcess bookshop located in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya; My favourite bookshop for hunting books.  A great place for die-hard bookworms to feed their mind and souls for the sake of reading. Even though technologies has improved tremendously whereby one can always subscribe and read from the e-book but I still longed for a book. I enjoyed the feel of holding a book and flipping its pages till the final chapter and get excited with the verdict.

The outlet is spacious and one can spend hours in there to select and read their books. Some books are sealed but you can always ask from the service counter for a browsing copy. I don't fit in a bookworm category but still I can spend many hours in there. The fact, spending 6 hours in there is not enough.

BookXcess offers a reasonable and affordable price for all its book ranges from children to young adult up to adult. As you enter the outlet you feel as if you are in the midst of shopping for a clearance sale. Well, books in Malaysia is considered expensive; Can't blame our society when they read less. Reading habits need to be nurtured at a very young age and start as early as possible.

To encourage readers, they offer membership programme and sometimes promotion where you'll get a further discount or voucher. How can one resist a further discounted price?

Being a bookstore that caters stocks print overruns, you will not get every latest publishing or edition and chances you will not get what you are looking for. But if you are lucky enough you will be surprised with your finding. The quality of the books offered equivalent with other outlets. They replenish their stocks fortnightly and sometimes almost every week. One can always monitor new titles from their Facebook fan page. You can either communicate directly on their wall or contact their outlet for a book title. Their response time is prompt & efficient and the staff are helpful. Klang Valley residents are lucky to have a store that offers great books at a great price!

The recent book hunting was a great satisfaction. Can't resist myself but to share the catch. Do enjoy the pictures of the books purchased.

Do not be surprised.
I am popup book collector.
3D 'Snow White' & 'Popigami'.

An interactive 3D story book.
'Snow White'

You will be fascinated with its contents.
Popup books 'Journey to the Moon' & 'PopVille'.

'Popville' shows a development of a city.

The picture shows it all.
Picture of 'Popville' taken from different angle.

Who says big girl don't like comics?
Popup book 'Frankenstein' & 'Dracula'

Worth of purchase for craft enthusiasts.
These books offer a great idea of card making.

Don't just eat them!
Sometimes we need to learn the food we eat.
As you can see the page tells about apples.
An interesting book about food & look at the price tag.

How could I resist Cecelia Ahern?
The daughter of a former Ireland Prime Minister & also a great author.
Been reading & watched 'P.S. I Love You' & finally decided to get one for my collection.
'The Book of Tomorrow' a must read novel.

Indulging myself with novels.

Another 3D book for collection.

One of the page from 'Enchanted Dolls' House Wedding'.

Look what I found! Great stuff for crafting.


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