Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Congratulations Master!

Mortarboard using quilling paper technique.
Brown felt scroll tied with gold coloured string
About a month ago, a friend has ordered a Congratulatory Graduation card; It meant for her friend who has just finished her Masters. Finally it was completed and was handed over to her yesterday. Glad that she likes it. I do hope the recipient will like it too. For the mortarboard (graduate cap) I used quilling technique; Whereby for the scroll I used felt which I tied with a gold coloured string. I added in the 'Congratulations' word, embellished with small flowers. In between the scroll (as seen on below picture), added blue glitter. I glued the embellishment onto the handmade paper, waited for the glue to dry before pasting them onto the cardstock. The final touch as seen on the picture below. Happy crafting!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Greetings

It is a very good feeling when someone appreciate your work; Feel very honoured. After seeing my worked, a friend immediately place an order for a birthday greeting card. What a nice & wonderful lady? She even encourage me make more cards.

For this card I added in the sprig leaves; Inspired by Chris (A journey into quilling & paper crafting), do check her wonderful blog where you can find many wonderful quilling tutorials. I even tried making the dimensional flower whereby it is a double layered comb quilled flower with three petals. I really had fun trying this technique.

Double layered comb quilled flower with three petals.
The hardest part I encountered was to ensure the second layer is slanted.
Working out with the arrangements before I glue them on the card.
As you can see in the picture the sprig leaves is in the centre.
Not satisfied with the arrangement.....keep rearranging 

At last; The final look......
Wait! Something is missing here. It looks empty.
But what is it? Hmmm....
Ahhaa...a ladybird
Finally, as seen on the picture below (*=*)


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wedding Anniversary


Recently I received an order for a Wedding Anniversary card; It's been quite a hectic week but I gladly accepted it. Anywhere it doesn't take long to make one; When you are passionate with something nothing is impossible (*-*). But I was out of ideas; Been looking and browsing through magazines and surfing the net. Then I remembered I have some handmade paper which I bought couple of years ago. Well, now is the perfect time to utilise it. To my excitement the papers were still in great condition. I have four types of handmade papers which made of pandanus leaves, paddy husks, banana trunks and torch ginger (bunga kantan) husks. Suddenly ideas keep popping up (*-^).... the typical of me (^-^)
For this card; I chose two types of handmade paper which made of pandanus leaves and paddy husks. Selected cream coloured card, three stalks of roses and two pieces of heart shape beads. Wrapped the roses in a bouquet style then tied with pink ribbon. Instead of cutting the paddy husks paper, I tore it. Once done, carefully glued the bouquet on the green one; For the wordings I  glued on the brown paper then embellished with the heart shape beads.
Speaking of handmade paper, now I have the urge trying to make my own...perhaps soon (*=*). Happy weekend, happy crafting.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Friday was a fun day and also one of a friend's birthday. Cake cutting was done 2 days in advance. Whereas this card was presented to her on her actual birthday.  After getting everyone to sign (missed 2 signatures *^*)......it's the boss duty to hand it over to her *=* (thank you boss *-*). She was surprise and happy too; Happy Birthday Soops *-*, wish you the best in everything.

I used the recessed window technique. Similar with the one I did earlier where I used the same colour, embellishment and design. But this time I added additional design paper for the front cover. For it's decoration I decided to go for 'Wildflowers theme'. The reason? The owner of this card is a beautiful, jovial, caring and fun-loving person. I love wildflowers too; They are colourful and beautiful (imagining myself surrounded by flowers and the refreshing smell of sea breeze......waahahahahhh *=*)

The flowers and leaves were made using comb quilling technique. It took me 30 minutes to complete everything since I've done plenty of the flowers earlier (time to replenish the stock) and it was a matter of arranging and wait for the glue to dry off. That's all for now; Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend and a good week ahead. Happy quilling; Happy crafting!


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