Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oil Painting

Has not been doing photography for a long time, ever since I started my class. My schedule? Monday to Friday working, Friday to Sunday classes with loads of assignments and presentations....but I love the things I am doing. Really enjoy it; no doubt deep inside been missing someone more lately :('s alright, I can handle it.

I just can't stop myself from doing something, I am now into painting (more to abstract). It's fun and exciting seeing the result :)....but there still lots more to learn and to explore. This is one of the best thing to do when my time is limited to let me explore the nature (photography).

To my relief, I am not that bad though....hehehe start praising myself again. Well, so far I am happy with my work. It's amazing to see myself doing something I left behind many years ago. Something I don't understand, what made me left my passions behind? But it does not matter anymore.....
'Lukisan Cat Minyak' by MargeGoh

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