Saturday, September 15, 2012

Handmade Penny Slider Card

While browsing through for a new card ideas I found the 'Penny Slider Card'. It was fun to see on how it works. I couldn't resist but to create one. The first attempt it turns out pretty well; whereby I did it correctly without wasting paper. I used S5127 stamp from Hero Arts ( I do not have a round dot foam; I used chads from cardboard to create a rolling wheel (refer bottom pictures).
How I did the wheel? Stack and glue 4 pieces of chads. Once it's dry, glue the chads dot in the center of the penny; repeat on the other penny too. Put aside until it dries up. 
(* Other alternative,use the round coiled quilling paper)
Insert the penny wheel into the slot of the card stock so that the card stock slips between the pennies. Ensure the pennies roll back and forth smoothly. Evenly place foam dots along each underside of the card stock. Attach the card onto the other card stock. You may embellish any decoration on top of the penny. I chose the blue flower I made using fringed quilling technique.

How to make rolling wheel from chads?


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