Sunday, September 23, 2012

Handmade recessed window card

It's another Sunday, schedules has been hectic recently but  manage to do the things I like. My practicum in the preschool has started for 2 weeks now & I'm happy with it. Love the children; They're adorable and really make my day. I've to prepare daily lesson plan & learning materials, observe & write a journal about a child's development. It's tough & I'm loving it *-*, I'm still standing strong by the way...I like the school I went to; I'm lucky enough where I've the chance to mix with the special needs children. I don't teach them but it's a great experience to see with own eyes how these children learn to manage themselves & it's a great feeling communicating with them. There was one incident where a boy can't even tie his shoelace (guess he's about 12years); he almost cried, in the end I did it for him. And there's a friendly girl who loves camera; kept asking me to take her picture :)...
In addition; Yesterday I received my result with flying colours; can't believe it...Thank God, my hard works paid off (P/S: Worth the hard earn too :))))).

Back to card creation. Well, from my previous post, I had posted about creating own decorative paper. Today I made a recessed window birthday card using one of the paper I designed.
For the card based I used 30cm(L) x 14cm(H) blue card stock. Folded the card stock into 5 with measurement (7x1x14x1x7)cm. The frame size is (14x14)cm. For this card, the frame depth is 1cm. 
* You can adjust the frame depth; But please bear in mind the deeper the frame depth the harder it is to store in an envelope & you really have to secure the packaging if you intend to send it by mail.
Glued the frame on the centre of the card stock. I added the decorative paper on outer card & add a small card stock with wording. I also pasted the decorative paper on both left & right of the inner card. On the left I add another small wording with ribbon. I embellished the frame with butterflies & flower stickers & a birthday wishes. I left the other right empty so ones can write own message(s). You can decorate your card with anything. ~Imaginative is creative.~

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