Monday, December 3, 2012

Collage Technique Birthday card

Last week I received a last minute card order; I gladly accepted it. My customer wanted a birthday greeting card & a name to be put on the card. I was glad she liked it when I handed over to her.
I was not worry since I've made few for my stocks. As much as I love quilling; I been experimenting with different types of media too & I really had a great fun doing it.
Before - The original blank card.

After few adjustment.
I used collage technique. Talking of collage reminded me the junior school days. I was never really onto collage, but when I look around I found many papers lying on my table. I feel it's a big waste not to utilise such a beautiful & high quality of papers.
Then I told myself, I can do wonders with this beautiful pieces. On this card I used Yuzen paper; It was a gift from my friend's grandmother. What I love most about Yuzen papers? Because of its vibrant colours & design. I felt some designs are great for Kimono too ;).....but really they're beautiful. I added few of the handmade paper too.
The procedures were simple. All you need a card stock, papers, scissors and glue. You can arrange the papers in various ways or angle & you'll be surprise how the finished subject look like.
Well, crafter wishing you a great week ahead & happy crafting :)....ciao.


  1. The original card is just beautiful with all the different colors but the inked edges on the sentiment really brings everything together! Great idea ~ Thanks for joining us for the card stitch hop!


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