Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Congratulations Master!

Mortarboard using quilling paper technique.
Brown felt scroll tied with gold coloured string
About a month ago, a friend has ordered a Congratulatory Graduation card; It meant for her friend who has just finished her Masters. Finally it was completed and was handed over to her yesterday. Glad that she likes it. I do hope the recipient will like it too. For the mortarboard (graduate cap) I used quilling technique; Whereby for the scroll I used felt which I tied with a gold coloured string. I added in the 'Congratulations' word, embellished with small flowers. In between the scroll (as seen on below picture), added blue glitter. I glued the embellishment onto the handmade paper, waited for the glue to dry before pasting them onto the cardstock. The final touch as seen on the picture below. Happy crafting!


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