Saturday, March 16, 2013

Recycle CD Spindle

It is Saturday, time to tidy up my crafting corner. Yes! I have to do it; craft supplies laying everywhere & it's kind of messy. Found few empty CD spindles! Instead of throwing; I recycled. I converted them to a ribbon holder. A neat way to organise your ribbons. When not in use; you can stack up the spindles to safe storage space. The cover is just perfect to protect your ribbons from accumulating dust. You can decorate the cover but I leave as it is so I can see the ribbons.
Another way of recycling the empty spindle; I turned them as an accessories organiser. Used the spindle to hang accessories. I used  double sided tape to stick the base on the wall. I would like to share few photos on how I organise things. Have a good weekend!



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