Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rosette Ribbon Hair Clip

I always love crafting; as far I can remember I start holding a needle before I start schooling. And I remember mama will scold me, 'It's dangerous, you will hurt yourself!' a word I clearly remember. I like sewing, I like crafting (all sort of crafts; nothing specific as long I enjoy doing it) & will always do. I enjoy watching my grandmother sewing her dress using her antique manual sewing machine. And I remember how much I love attending 'Kelas Jahitan' (Sewing Class) during primary school. My first cross-stitch experience when I was 9; I made my first tote bag & apron when I was 10, by 12 years old I can handle the manual sewing machine. How I miss those days!!!
Well, over the weekend, I made few rosettes using ribbon (earlier I've done rosettes using paper). The technique was simple & very easy to make; most of all you don't need to own a sewing machine. What you need? Ribbons, needle, thread & scissors. Start by straight stitch at the edge of a ribbon. Once you reach the end pull the thread to gather & arrange the ribbon in a circle so that it resembles a rose. Tie the thread to secure then stitch to join the ribbon. I used two sizes of ribbon as seen on the picture. Same technique applies for the smaller ribbon. I apply a silver round bead on top of the red ribbon. You can use any type of embellishment. Once done, stitch the smaller rosette on top of the yellow ribbon. Alternatively, you can use glue to assemble them. Rosette is fun to make & can be apply on any crafts such as cards, scrapbook, bags, shoes etc......
I am making children's hair clip so I apply glue using hot glue gun to stick the rosette ribbon on hair clip. The hair clip is meant for Amaira, Kishley's beautiful little girl.

Straight stitch at the edge of ribbon.
Pull the thread to arrange the ribbon in a circle. Tie to secure & stitch the remain.

Attach smaller rosette by stitching or use fabric glue. The silver bead comes with hole so I stitch on the smaller rosette. If you are using non-hole beads you can glue it.
A pair of finished product.
Ready to be flown to UK!
Made in Malaysia with love!


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