Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gift Case from an Empty CD Spindle

Few weeks ago I've posted about recycling an empty CD spindle. Twas was simple & I use them for storing ribbons and to hang accessories. But this time I'm making it as a gift case. It meant for my niece; Will use this to put in her gifts. This year instead of buying her a birthday present I'll make myself. This case is multifunction; can be used as desk waste bin, to keep stationary, as a gift box, decorative pot, etc....
Try it! You'll be amazed with the result. Happy crafting! Ciao!

What I need?
An empty CD spindle, decorative paper, lighter, sharp needle, rope
Heat up the needle.
While the needle is burning hot; Poke the spindle base to create hole.

On the CD case cover I use hole puncher.
Apply double sided tape on the cover.
Carefully use decorative paper to wrap the entire CD cover.
The decorative paper was made couple of years ago using marbling technique.

Secure with double sided tape.

I used soft wire to attach the cover and case.
Use string to wrap around the case.
I used small scissor as an embellishment.
I used multi purpose glue which also suitable for fabric.

Decorated one part of the case with quilling flowers.
On the other side I wrote her name using 3D creation glue.
Suitable to decorate your shoes & bags.

This is the spindle; Now it has become a case cover with holder.
I wrapped the spindle with yellow string; Cover its base with decorative paper.
I added a pompom duckling on top of the holder.

The view from every angle.

Let see what we have in here?


  1. Wow!!! This is such a clever idea to spin around the spindle and make a handle out of it! Loved the duck!

  2. How creative, such a beautiful gift case! When mine gets empty, I know now what to do with it :)

  3. so creative... tq for sharing yer

  4. Wow! so creative. Beautiful gift case =)

  5. This is so creative, am going to try this and to explore your blog.


  6. This is so creative, am going to try this and to explore your blog.came thru' cuddlebug cuties


  7. Holla,
    die Box sieht sehr sehr schön aus.
    Das Marmorierpapier gefällt mir am besten.
    L.G KarinNettchen
    Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar auf meinem Blog.

  8. Wonderful creation my dear:) Colorful and Joyful:)


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