Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let's Eat (Jom Makan)

These are some pictures of food taken everywhere; Forgotten where I've taken them. But I remember what I'd eaten. Trying every bits and pieces of it. Food....Yes! I enjoy food. Too many to share; I've selected few for today's post.

Simple fried noodle served with crackers and fried egg.
Bakso (meatball commonly made of beef)
served in a beef broth with rice vermicelli.
Satay Lilit
(mixture of minced chicken or fish with spices
mould around a lemon grass and grill over charcoal until golden brown)
I am a mushroom fanatic!
Stir fried mushroom with olive oil.
Vegetarian pizza served on a chopping board.
Loads of sliced pineapple, capsicum, papaya, squash, olives, topped with melted cheese.

Fried glass noodle with fresh seafood.
Would you like to have some dessert ma'am? Sir?

Chocolate Mochi
Am fond of cupcakes!!!
Lemon grass jelly.
Not bad though!
Coconut pudding.
Garnished with a tiny slice of strawberry.
Hmmmph...not generous at all. Luckily tasted good!
Enjoying tropical fruits.
Fruit is good for your health!
Consists of banana, honey dew, watermelon and papaya.
What else to expect when cornflakes, rice crackers and raisins
poured into a mixture of melted butter with honey.
A friend of mind baked this! Super Yummy!!!
Sometimes it is nice to enjoy this fresh sweet cherry tomatoes alone!
Great alternative to junk food!!! Trust me *-*...

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  1. Look delicious! Betullah...zaman sekarang ni, sebelum makan mesti ambil gambar dulu...hehe

    1. Thanks for visiting BM.....Heheheh, Jangan hairan kalau satu hari nanti; Ambil gambar sebelum makan satu adat resam yang wajib ;p

  2. semua nampak sedap2 sgt, KA paling minat satay lilit & bakso tu sooooooooooooo delicious lah !

    1. Hehehehh bab makan memang best.
      Tengah belek2 site jumpa ni; KA boleh tengok2 resepi satay lilit ni di:

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