Thursday, June 13, 2013

'Get Well Soon' Handmade Card

It's been sometime since my last post. I went back to hometown for holiday but that was 2 weeks ago. I had a great time back home; meeting loved ones and attended few functions. It was a relaxing holiday and food hunting was on top of my list especially for Sabah's local food. Even though holiday is over, I have not been posting any on my page. Now, it's time to get back on my feet.

This is a 'Get Well Soon' card ordered by my cousin. It's for her friend who was recovering from a car accident. Understand that her condition is quite serious; Prayers to her & hope she'll recover soon.
For this card I used the paper I made earlier (Coloured Homemade Paper). Created a tag which can be functioned as a bookmark. For the tag, I embellished with ribbon, buttons and flower on it.
The card I kept it simple by creating a pocket from Japanese paper. It is simple and easy to make; You can try it yourself too. Happy crafting.

Stitched the buttons on the paper. 
For neater finishing, added a layer of paper at the back.
A completed tag which can be used as a bookmark.
Embellished with skeleton ribbon, buttons and flower.
Created a pocket using Japanese paper to insert the tag.
Added rosette and used 3D creation glue for the wording.
Finally, its done.
Ready to meet the owner.


  1. very nice, sgt cantik & sgt2 krteatif lah

    1. Thanks KA; nanti ajak anak2 KA buat sekali ya.

  2. Hi MG!'s so cute! MG...U sgt2 kreatif!

    p/s: Selamat kembali blogging :)
    Blog MG tidak update di Bloglist saya, pls ckeck with feedburner...something error.

    1. Thanks for the support BM.
      Ok thank you nanti saya check. Thanks for informing BM.

    2. Masih tak OK, kalau MG check kat sahabat blogger di blog saya, Entri anda tidak update, masih entri bulan lepas. Cuba anda klik tajuk artikel itu...ia akan keluar feedburner error. Disitu ada link utk anda check.


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