Monday, June 17, 2013

Seaweed Jelly

Recently I made jelly out of dried seaweed. The processed was easy and fast. I used 100 grams of the dried seaweed. In fact you can create any recipe using the dried seaweed such as salad, cocktail, soup and many more. It's fun to experiment and create recipes using this nutritional ingredients.

This is how I make my Seaweed Jelly.
100 grams green dried seaweed.
If you can see on this picture the white elements actually is salt.
The longer you keep more fine salt will appear.

Wash the seaweed to remove residues.
Soak the seaweed for about 2 to 4 hours.
I don't recommend to soak overnight as it'll loss its nutrients.
Blend it.
You can also boil the seaweed directly but it'll take longer to dissolve.
And thinking of the nutrients which unable to sustain heat.

Boil water; Once water is boiled pour the seaweed in.
Stir well, let it boil for 10 - 15 minutes.
You can add any flavour as desired. You can also mix with fruits.
In my case I leave it bland; just added some cloves (Health benefits of clove) to get rid of the fishy smell.

Pour in a container; let it cool.
Refrigerate it. Nice to eat when its cold.
You can consume directly or mix with honey or anything you like.
I also set aside some portion for facial mask.
You might be interested to try & have your own made mask.

Have a pleasant day!
Dried seaweed for sale:
Dried Green Seaweed (100 grams) - RM8.00
Dried Red/Purple Seaweed (100 grams) - RM8.00

For enquiry, please email to


  1. ya ramai yg kata baguskan & byk khasiatnyer

    1. Khasiatnya memang tidak boleh dinafikan; Sama seperti sayuran & buah2an, bezanya rumpai laut tumbuh dalam air masin.

  2. Hi MG, Kalau di campur dlm masakan lain, ianya akan mengubah rasa tak? Inikah rumpai laut yg hot sekarang pasal ada colegen tu

  3. Hi MG, Lama tidak mendengar khabar berita...Sibuk ye, Semoga anda sihat dan ceria sentiasa :)

  4. Hi MG! Apa khabar? Semoga sihat dan ceria selalu, :)

  5. ramai yg mengatakan rumpai ni bagus utk kesihatan,utk awet muda,utk cantikkan kuli..

    btw..follow ur blog..:)


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