Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hidden Treasure

Happy Sunday, a beautiful day, nice weather over here....just want to share some of my photo. My mushroom & I :)..... If I remembered correctly this was taken at FRIM over a year ago. A nice place to bring over your family for picnic, cycling, hiking & not to forget they do offer canopy walk which I haven't tried.
What I like about this picture? First of all I took it myself (praising myself ;p)....Nah, it was the first time I saw such a beautiful bunch of white mushroom. I can imagine how beautiful it is when it glows in the dark (but does it really glows?). Anywhere, I was lucky to find it since it was hidden between bushes, trees & dried leaves. Thanks to my curiosity & observant. Unfortunately I have no idea what type of mushroom is this? Maybe someone could help?


  1. Nice picture!! Any more pix coming??

  2. Sedap ni kalau masak sama ikan masin...hehe


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