Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun with Handmade Card

Today's Friday, another week gone....mmmmnnnn. Wow 5 weeks towards X'mas, plus another week we'll celebrate 2011. Time flies.....Friday means relaxation, do things we enjoy. Ooops nah, class???...Oh ya it's study break, phewww, glad about it :)....I can spend my Saturday taking photographs then :). Haven't been doing photo-shoot for sometimes, miss the waterfalls, miss the nature so much.

Browsing through my archives, found this card which specially made for my friend Soops. Glad she loves it. It's a simple card, blank inside. Used the emboss kit for the edge. Instead of putting the earrings inside the box & wrap it, I did something different, fixed the eyelets on cardstock & let it hang. Results? I love it! Experimenting can be fun!

Oh oh my, forgot about Tasha, I still owe her one. Sorry dear, will send one to you soon :)....
Happy weekend to all! Ciao!

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