Friday, November 19, 2010


'HOPE' is the title. Of all work I've had done this is my favourite. In life we do have hope. Hope for success, hope for love, hope for the best, hope for everything, hope, hope, hope....we never fail for hoping. We deny but never realise we are hoping. Correct me if I am wrong ;p.....
Why do I name my art as 'HOPE'? In fact I never intended to create this. But as I go further, I saw I have created something interesting. Every living creatures has it's destiny. Earlier I wanted it to be just plain, make everything yellowish. I guess I was missing something. I must find way to make it alive....& I managed to solve feels like 'rebirth'. Something worth for me to be proud about.
Satisfaction :)...'Life is beautiful'. Every single second passed is history, it will never come back but there is always beauty in it. Something we will never forget.

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  1. wow, i like this one,, you really have turn this art ALIVE..brovo chea2..hehehe


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