Monday, October 8, 2012

.....Halloween is here.....

Halloween is around the corner; The celebration falls on the last day of October yearly. I don't celebrate but I love reading the history of Halloween. Anywhere I've plan to make Halloween cards for my relatives who are now residing overseas. By the way, I've created few designs related to Halloween & I would like to share with anyone who're interested. Furthermore you might have some ideas on how to decorate your card (feel free to share).
I'm not sure whether I'm a spider fanatic but while drawing these images I can feel the spiders dangling all over me......hehehhhheee (too much imaginations *-*)
I don't want to create something serious & that is the reason all my spiders are smiling except one which I purposely leave it blank. By then I can decorate or add something else later.
I still have few Halloween designs which I will post later. Till then, a great week ahead & have fun creating your card.

~ Imagination is creativity. ~

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