Sunday, October 21, 2012

Birthday Wishes (Recessed window with quilling embellishment)

Made this card for a friend's birthday. I used the recessed window and easel techniques for the card.......guess that I've fallen in love with this techniques (*-*). Simply fascinated by the frame-like designed.

I used quilling paper as an embellishment for this card. Inspired by Inna's Creation and Lin Handmade Greetings Card; While browsing through for ideas I found the beehive quilling technique & it was amazing and tempting. This technique was invented by Susan Quilling. Do check out their amazing sites. Could not resist myself but to make one too. My first attempt was not bad though (*-*).

It was an interesting technique; No doubt at first I struggled inserting the curled paper inside the petal, but after a few practices and attempts I made it. In fact it can be addictive too. In order to make it easier to insert the curled paper, roll it then slot into the petal; Be careful not to pinch too hard else you might spoil the structure.

Once completed, I arranged six petals to form a flower. Glued them, waited for it to dry and finally added the round coiled paper in the centre. To make the coiled more interesting, I pushed out a little bit to create a hump. The flower's diameter measured 5.5 cm.....pretty big.

Arranging the flowers; Earlier I intend to arrange the flowers in the centre of the frame. But then I changed my mind to arrange along the edges. Chose three pink flowers with the beehive technique and the remaining embellished with pink flower buds. Added in 'Happy Birthday' wording and a little red bird in the middle.

I printed out her picture where I used double images. Firstly printed out the bigger image then follow by the  smaller image using the same photo paper. Finally wrote a personalised messages before handing it over to her ;-p.....

Wish all readers a happy weekend and a great week ahead.
Happy crafting (*-*)

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