Monday, October 1, 2012

Recessed window easel card

It's been a great week...students are great; love the children; they're my babies my darlings. They really make my day :). No doubt they can be restless & won't pay attention sometimes but it's really nice to be with them.
This week I decided to make a card which I incorporated with the recessed window & easel techniques. It's easy & fun to make. All you need are papers, papers & papers lol.........
For this card I chose pale pink glittered card stock for the base & the easel too which measured 16cm x 10cm. Please note for the easel you need to glue only half of it to the base card.
The recessed window it measured 15cm x 4cm; I divided into 3 sections (Measurement (cm): 3x3; 6x3; 3x3) 

For its' designed I added colourful quilled balloons; Added different colours & sizes of round quilled on both left & right of the recessed window & the 'Ooops!' word (for the fun of it).

When the card is lifted you'll be able to see the message on it.  Have fun trying this project.

~Imaginations is creativity; there're no limitation in life until you stop doing so.~

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