Saturday, November 3, 2012


Friday was a fun day and also one of a friend's birthday. Cake cutting was done 2 days in advance. Whereas this card was presented to her on her actual birthday.  After getting everyone to sign (missed 2 signatures *^*)'s the boss duty to hand it over to her *=* (thank you boss *-*). She was surprise and happy too; Happy Birthday Soops *-*, wish you the best in everything.

I used the recessed window technique. Similar with the one I did earlier where I used the same colour, embellishment and design. But this time I added additional design paper for the front cover. For it's decoration I decided to go for 'Wildflowers theme'. The reason? The owner of this card is a beautiful, jovial, caring and fun-loving person. I love wildflowers too; They are colourful and beautiful (imagining myself surrounded by flowers and the refreshing smell of sea breeze......waahahahahhh *=*)

The flowers and leaves were made using comb quilling technique. It took me 30 minutes to complete everything since I've done plenty of the flowers earlier (time to replenish the stock) and it was a matter of arranging and wait for the glue to dry off. That's all for now; Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend and a good week ahead. Happy quilling; Happy crafting!

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