Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wedding Anniversary


Recently I received an order for a Wedding Anniversary card; It's been quite a hectic week but I gladly accepted it. Anywhere it doesn't take long to make one; When you are passionate with something nothing is impossible (*-*). But I was out of ideas; Been looking and browsing through magazines and surfing the net. Then I remembered I have some handmade paper which I bought couple of years ago. Well, now is the perfect time to utilise it. To my excitement the papers were still in great condition. I have four types of handmade papers which made of pandanus leaves, paddy husks, banana trunks and torch ginger (bunga kantan) husks. Suddenly ideas keep popping up (*-^).... the typical of me (^-^)
For this card; I chose two types of handmade paper which made of pandanus leaves and paddy husks. Selected cream coloured card, three stalks of roses and two pieces of heart shape beads. Wrapped the roses in a bouquet style then tied with pink ribbon. Instead of cutting the paddy husks paper, I tore it. Once done, carefully glued the bouquet on the green one; For the wordings I  glued on the brown paper then embellished with the heart shape beads.
Speaking of handmade paper, now I have the urge trying to make my own...perhaps soon (*=*). Happy weekend, happy crafting.

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