Friday, May 3, 2013

BookXcess Bookstore

Note: This review is written based on the writer's experience and point of view.

Last Friday I was at the BookXcess bookshop located in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya; My favourite bookshop for hunting books.  A great place for die-hard bookworms to feed their mind and souls for the sake of reading. Even though technologies has improved tremendously whereby one can always subscribe and read from the e-book but I still longed for a book. I enjoyed the feel of holding a book and flipping its pages till the final chapter and get excited with the verdict.

The outlet is spacious and one can spend hours in there to select and read their books. Some books are sealed but you can always ask from the service counter for a browsing copy. I don't fit in a bookworm category but still I can spend many hours in there. The fact, spending 6 hours in there is not enough.

BookXcess offers a reasonable and affordable price for all its book ranges from children to young adult up to adult. As you enter the outlet you feel as if you are in the midst of shopping for a clearance sale. Well, books in Malaysia is considered expensive; Can't blame our society when they read less. Reading habits need to be nurtured at a very young age and start as early as possible.

To encourage readers, they offer membership programme and sometimes promotion where you'll get a further discount or voucher. How can one resist a further discounted price?

Being a bookstore that caters stocks print overruns, you will not get every latest publishing or edition and chances you will not get what you are looking for. But if you are lucky enough you will be surprised with your finding. The quality of the books offered equivalent with other outlets. They replenish their stocks fortnightly and sometimes almost every week. One can always monitor new titles from their Facebook fan page. You can either communicate directly on their wall or contact their outlet for a book title. Their response time is prompt & efficient and the staff are helpful. Klang Valley residents are lucky to have a store that offers great books at a great price!

The recent book hunting was a great satisfaction. Can't resist myself but to share the catch. Do enjoy the pictures of the books purchased.

Do not be surprised.
I am popup book collector.
3D 'Snow White' & 'Popigami'.

An interactive 3D story book.
'Snow White'

You will be fascinated with its contents.
Popup books 'Journey to the Moon' & 'PopVille'.

'Popville' shows a development of a city.

The picture shows it all.
Picture of 'Popville' taken from different angle.

Who says big girl don't like comics?
Popup book 'Frankenstein' & 'Dracula'

Worth of purchase for craft enthusiasts.
These books offer a great idea of card making.

Don't just eat them!
Sometimes we need to learn the food we eat.
As you can see the page tells about apples.
An interesting book about food & look at the price tag.

How could I resist Cecelia Ahern?
The daughter of a former Ireland Prime Minister & also a great author.
Been reading & watched 'P.S. I Love You' & finally decided to get one for my collection.
'The Book of Tomorrow' a must read novel.

Indulging myself with novels.

Another 3D book for collection.

One of the page from 'Enchanted Dolls' House Wedding'.

Look what I found! Great stuff for crafting.


  1. wah very nice, tq share info ini, lama KA xpg ke armcorp mall ni !

    1. You're most welcome KA. Pegilah bawa anak2 skali, sure budak2 suka.

  2. Hi... nice meeting new fren here..

    quite a long time not going to Amcorp Mall.. maybe i will bring my kids there..

    1. Hi Azian, thanks for visiting. Glad to find a new friend :)
      Bawalah anak2 pegi; banyak buku interaktif yang menarik.

  3. the popups look so cool!
    wish there were more bookstores around...

    1. Hello Galaxia, thanks for dropping by....
      Yes, indeed the popups are cool....great item to add into a collection list.

  4. Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)

    1. Thanks for your compliment Diana; & thank you for following. *-*


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